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Sentinel Skull Crusher

Sentinel Skull Crusher
Sentinel Skull Crusher Sentinel Skull Crusher

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The lightweight design and comfort padding allows you to navigate obstacles with ease. Sentinel Skull Crusher provides hands-free use with many night vision devices. Perfect for night hunting, star gazing, or just finding your way around the house at night! It is a one-size-fits-all device that has an incredible amount of adjustment. Sentinel provides plenty of airflow during extended wear.
The Sentinel is compatible with all base plate mounts available on the market, with pre-cut holes for shrouds such as WILCOX, NOROTOS, and standard-issue base plates.
Fully adjustable, one size fits all Chinstraps.

One-size fits all
Side rail mounting holes compatible with MOE rails by MAGPUL
Internal cables fitting
Compatible with all base plates available on the market
Molle-loop back panel
Super ergonomic 
Most comfortable Night Vision Mount on the market
Available colors: Multicam, Ranger Green

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